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Job Opportunities Created During Musical Tours


Musical tours also referred to as concert tours may be referred to as series of organized events involving different bands or artists transversing through various regions to promote their artistic work. The touring activity creates an increase in the pool of labor for both skilled and unskilled individuals as touring involve increasing number of supporting crew and staff at designated venues.

Various opportunities  created during music concerts may include:


A music promotion manager whose main task is to deal with public relation activities involving the said band or artist. The activities involve the hiring of advertising, promotions and marketing relevant to oversee daily tasks.They are mandated to getting public functions for their relevant bands or artists to sell records and enhance the promotion of live music tours and events. Arranging media interviews, organizing promotional photo sessions, and collecting records of press coverages are other delegations of a promotion manager.


A concert tour manager who manages scheduling, transportation and financial aspects of an artist’s or band time on the road. It is their duty to delegate every person on tour with various responsibilities as it is assumed a tour manager has to be the most responsible person aboard.After a promoter books a venue, the tour manager liaises with the venue management on matters such as in- house production facilities, sound checks, performance time, government restrictions and agree on payments from the door sales.


Festival director or producer is tasked with the mandate of working behind-the-scenes logistics to ensure the smooth running of the events.Some of the behind activities include dealing with the respective town or city to obtain the necessary permits and the status of the building from key construction companies within the area.

Press agent

A tour publicist mostly works as a press agent in that, he secures show previews, regional interviews and concert reviews at every stop of the group tour. A publicist can also send out a press release to announce the latest tour, compile reports on everything was already done and press lists each show stop.

Sound technician

Becoming a sound technician who sets up, uses a soundboard and other audio music equipment during shows to make sure the sound levels are correct and the sound mix is right is also an opportunity. They guarantee the artist their music sounds right on stage and to the audience.They might also be responsible for special effects and lighting.



Advance agents who travel way before the whole crew to the designated touring destination to counter-check facilities, accommodation and promotional materials. They might also deliver promotionally album copies to the promoters. Musical tours all in all afford to create a wide variety of job opportunities that cut across individuals who may be skilled or semi-skilled.