Daily Strategies to Improve Your Vocabulary


If you are reading this article, it indicates that you are thirst for knowledge. The attraction of this particular article suggests that you want to appear more eloquent and polite. Much of this is how we present ourselves and how we talk. The way we talk does matter for a better first impression. It also can influence the judgment of others.

Our vocabulary can be a decisive factor in getting a job or even finding a place at school. Likewise, it can be a decisive factor in the social environments to which we belong.  To be well perceived, I suggest the safe use of a broad vocabulary. And since you might think that there is no anticipation and your school days are over, I suppose you might be wrong. There are many ways to improve your vocabulary that you can do as your daily life. Here are strategies to improve your vocabulary.


Don’t Keep Swearing in Any Language

By making a conscious effort to do so, you will automatically start using the oath options, and you will immediately feel much more educated. I know it’s fun to learn how people in other countries swear but if you want to be a more educated person, stop swearing at any cost.

Start Reading a Page of the Dictionary

vocabRead a page of the dictionary every day and make sure you know what it means. This will prevent you from being embarrassed later by the misuse of words or phrases. If you are not sure about using certain words, you can look them up on the web or ask a friend or colleague to help you. Remember that English words can have more than one meaning and therefore can be used in different unique contexts.

Keep Reading Anything

Just read any books or any written language in general terms. Books, online articles, newspapers, anything can be recorded during your daily trip or when you have some free time. Even reading books allows you to expand your speech and learn common phrases. I believe that an excellent publication is the best option because you can probably acquire a lot of vocabulary with a well-written book.

Play Crossword Puzzle Daily

Playing this game is fun, and you can also find new words. Sometimes, you will rediscover the old ones anyway to use them with a different meaning. You can get a book of crosswords, add to the problem as you improve, or look them up in the newspapers. Crosswords are another way to improve your vocabulary.

Choose Your Word of the Day

I like to choose a word and a mass question, but what you’ve learned recently is a great place to start. Make sure you choose a new word every day and try to include it in at least one conversation during the day. Soon you will be using your new phrases in regular conversations without realizing it.

Watch Some News

Although some of this information may be persistent, terrorists often have to use special terms to ensure that the story remains fresh and interesting yet informative. The added benefit is that you can hear the ideal pronunciation of the words used, so there is simply no chance that it will sound ridiculous once you repeat it later.

Play Any Word Games

Scrabble is a great game for extending your vocabulary. This is a great resource to expand your speech, as other actors can teach you how to get there. Also, a game like Words in Words, in which you try to find as many different words as possible in a given the word or phrase, is a useful way to break down huge words – maybe you can combine these games with your everyday phrase!

Write Some Stories

vocabThe best way to learn a new language, especially new vocabulary, is to listen to it, understand the meaning and the context, and then write it down. You can write separately or choose to publish your work on a website very similar to this one. If you need help finding other words, a thesaurus is your friend! So start your journey by always writing some fun stories.

Listen to Others

Each of us has unique words, phrases, and profound we use in our daily life. People in older generations use older language style than the younger ones. Still, you can learn from them. Although they speak in the same language, people in different places also use different words for the same meaning and context. So, maximize your chance to listen to how other people communicate. Listen to it, understand it, and use it.

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