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Qualities of a good preschool teacher

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Early childhood development entails equipment of children with the basic education to foster academic prosperity. Teachers in nursery  are charged with the responsibility of instilling the best foundation that a child could have. In this regard, teachers are required to undergo professional training to give them the skills that are required to nature childhood development. Education and training of a preschool teacher are fundamental but it important to note that naturally, a teacher must possess an individual package of skills. These natural skills will enable a teacher to exude the right aptitude to be patient with kids and do the work joyously.

In this regard you must be mindful of the following qualities when securing an education for your child;


At the outset, it is imperative to ensure that a preschool teacher is enthusiastic about early childhood development. The teacher must be able to exude enthusiasm and passion towards children in order to guarantee the desired level of growth. Enthusiasm is epitomized by the desire of a teacher to make a difference in the lives of the children. This trait will encourage the children to open up enough to welcome learning and general growth.

Patience and humor

Children can be quite a handful, and you thereby need an extra sense of patience to see you through. This point alludes to the fact that you need to possess some a set natural of attributes in order to suffice as a good preschool teacher. It takes a lot of patience to understand children and develop mechanisms of dealing with them in a way that will be beneficial for their growth. Humor is seen as an adequate mechanism for the teacher to keep high spirits despite the ups and downs.

Communication skills

Good teachers have ways of effecting communication with toddlers regardless of their ability to engage in a verbal exchange. The teacher must be in a position to improvise means to pass messages to the kid in a way that can be decoded easily and efficiently. Further, the teacher must be able to communicate with the parents freely to ensure that the children’s needs are addressed at home and in school.


As envisioned in the preceding qualities a preschool teacher needs to be very creative in his approach to communicating and teaching kindergarten kids. Imagination and improvisation are essential characteristics in ensuring that a teacher is resourceful enough to expedite a child’s growth. This trait will enable the teacher to develop lessons, schedules, and programs that are beneficial for the child in both the short-term and long-term.

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5 Benefits Of Attending Preschool


There is enough evidence that suggests preschool education good for the development of a child. Statistics have it that over three-fourths of children today participate is preschool program before joining kindergarten. However, the quality of education depends on the preschool you take your child to. Choosing a preschool is one of those decisions that should make early enough in a child’s life. Here are some benefits that come taking a child to a decent preschool.

Offers a solid foundation for developmentasszdvSDZxASd

A teaching philosophy defines preschool education. As such, learning takes place in a structured way. Considering that this education system is applied at a tender age, it gives children the chance to live, learn, socialize, and follow instructions in a structured setting. This provides an excellent foundation for future preschool education.

Grade school readiness

Most parents enroll their children in preschool to prepare them for school life ahead. Most preschool programs offer a child selected constructed playtime and high-quality education. Getting to kindergarten or grade school should not be difficult for a child that has gone through early childhood education. This is made possible by specialized training accorded to preschool teachers.

It leaves a lasting effect on the life of a child

The benefits of taking a child do not end at a young age. Surprisingly, students that attended preschool have higher chances of making it to college than those who didn’t. As such, if you intend to shape your child, preschool education defines and improves the chances of seeing your child succeed in future.

Good for social and emotional development of a child

aSdASdsdvPreschool environment is different from the one at home. Here, children get to interact with people that are not part of their family. At a young age, the child can interact with other children and teachers. These experiences go a long way in improving their social interactions. Notably, most children thrive in environments that are consistent with those at home. As such, reputable preschools like nursery Finchley adhere to specific teaching methodologies. Moreover, you also get progress reports to discuss values and goals for your child.

Children get to make informed choices

The ability to make choices plays a critical role in a child’s development. As such, most preschool systems encourage children to make decisions right from a tender age. As such, the child grows up making rational decisions and feelings of being more responsible.